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You can also meet my  digital avatar .

You can also meet my digital avatar.

Hi. My name is Ole Molvig. I am a professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN, USA. I explore how science, technology, and society interact in the past, present, and future.

I am passionate about integrating the humanities into emergent technologies like artificial intelligence or virtual reality, as well as applying those technologies back to the humanities.

I am also fascinated by the history of science. I want to understand how really difficult ideas, like Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, are explained to - and understood by - others.

Before Vanderbilt, I taught History at Yale and received my Ph.D. from Princeton in the History of Science.

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ole dot molvig at vanderbilt dot com

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Some recent awards

IBM Faculty Innovation Award

Vanderbilt Immersion Scholars Grant

Mellon Partners in the Humanities Education Faculty Collaboration Fund

Vanderbilt Cross Campus Scholar